For the 2018-2019 concert season the Southwest Florida Concert Band awarded two scholarship. A $450 scholarship was awarded to Aundre’ya McBride for her dedication and performance with the band for 2 seasons playing bass clarinet, and a $50 scholarship was awarded to Evan Carville, the newest member of the band, for his contribution to the percussion section. Both these young musicians were contributing members to the overall musical achievement of the band performances and the band thanks them or their efforts.

Audre’ya is graduating high school and intends to attend college in the fall. Evan will be starting grade 10 in August and the band hopes he will continue to bring his musical skills to our group.

All Candidates must be music students in high school or studying music in college or university, and be a member of the Southwest Florida Concert Band. For further details please contact the scholarship administrator Bill Loeb at